BGC Murder Mystery Dinner an Enjoyable Fundraiser

Dawson County Boys and Girls Club hosted the 1st Annual Deadwood Murder Mystery Dinner on the evening of Saturday, October 1st at the Dawson County Fairgrounds. The room was filled with the sound of southern accents, the smell of North Carolina barbecue, and 130 people who were all enthralled with the event. 38 of those people comprised the cast of characters for the murder mystery, each dress in his or her western costume—some of which were homemade.

As 11 volunteers from the women’s basketball team served the 60 pounds of pork, two whole turkeys, and countless gallons of sweet iced tea prepared by BGC Executive Director, Tina Carter, various events took place on the floor. Characters confronted other cast members about some contentious event that occurred during the fictional poker tournament. Suspicion filled the air, culminating in several noisy scenes of accusation, when suddenly a gunshot rang out through the air. The remainder of the evening consisted of participants, guided by the town sheriff, striving to uncover the mystery of who murdered the victim based on evidence provided by the Deadwood Murder Mystery package.

At the end of the night, the sheriff revealed the murderer to the sound of many surprised gasps from the crowd. Throughout the event, audience members voted on who they thought committed the murder. While only a handful of people uncovered the truth, their names were put into a hat for a drawing—the winner won a ‘Master Sleuth’ award. Other competitions based on audience votes were Best Costume, Best Performance, and Mr. & Ms. Moneybags (given to the man and woman who accrued the most fake $50 bills by accepting bribes for information).

With the help of a captive audience, a brave cast, and student volunteers from the college, the Boys and Girls Club not only hosted an enjoyable night out, but also successfully raised around $1,000 for their organization. This was an amazing event and could easily be replicated as a fundraiser elsewhere!

 By Jacob Kilgore, the Montana Campus Corps Leader at Dawson Community College. Feel free to contact by email at or by cell at (770)-570-8593.